Technical work

To keep in touch with the latest technologies (and as an excuse to make use of them), I build stuff. These are some examples:

  • Sentire ( Computer Aided Requirements Gathering tool (work in progress – published for testing purposes)
    • Based on this paper
    • Compliant with the Volere template.
  • An enterprise communications platform
    • Architecture: MVC pattern for the front-end layer and N-Tier for business and data layers
    • Front-end frameworks: Twitter’s Bootstrap for landing pages and a custom one for the user area
    • Features
      • HTTP API (following some basic RESTful recommendations)
      • Realtime delivery reporting
    • Property market search-engine and seller/buyer BI platform

Voluntary work:

  • Orkestra Kabataan: together with a group of friends, having music as a common denominator, we started helping an MSSP missionary build a music and trades school for children and youths in the Bataan region, Manila (Philippines) – more on this at