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I witnessed Death this Christmas

“What’s the news out there?” This was the question asked by detainees at the Detention Center at the Safi Barracks. Soldiers welcomed us and embraced our presence as a breath of fresh air to clean away some of the foul … Continued

Affordances in Design and HCI

I was recently helping a colleague of mine fill up an online form on his iMac. Get this picture: I was standing up next to him, with no immediate access to the keyboard. The task involved a simple copy and … Continued

Need a new website? A word of advice…

This article appeared in YellowTalk, a YellowPages newsletter with nationwide circulation (May 2012). An ever increasing number of people are nowadays kicking off their shopping transactions from a search engine. Finding your business’ contact details is a start, but giving … Continued

Electronic ID: Should I care?

Article published by The Times of Malta ( on 02/02/2012 Electronic identity (eID) is a commonly used term in today’s world, and its use is highly debated across several EU countries. Germany has launched its nation-wide eID scheme in 2010, … Continued

e-Banking and OTP Tokens – is it safe?

Security measures implemented in internet banking services may not fully protect users from identity related crimes. Before writing this article I decided to distribute an online survey. As data was still coming i n, it was immediately evident that the … Continued

Identity theft and my mobile: Should I worry?

Identity theft is not just about the unlawful use of identity cards. It can be described as the usage of someone else’s identity or any identifying attribute without the necessary consent or lawful authority from the rightful owner, with the … Continued

The Competitive Dialogue Procedure and NIDMS Procurement

The decision makers in the public sector, especially those involved in Greenfield IdM projects might not have an understanding of Identity Requirements especially when it comes to national identity management policy implementation and National IDM Systems (NIDMS)! Ultimately a technical system … Continued