A note on the word “Struggle” – from Bakarat

Quoting Bakarat:

“We are who we are, wherever we are, because of the things we have done or failed to do. Spending some time in the outdoors, away from home, you get to see different life-struggles. Some are very interesting and some are very gruesome. Life is a struggle and the reward you get is from the courage and the ability to withstand them. Life from birth to death is an unbroken chain of ever increasing, unavoidable struggles. The education you receive from these struggles is cumulative, received in small portions with each and every experience encountered. However we have to meet, face and overcome these struggles. The important lessons are the ones we learn from and those that help us grow. Some struggles can force you to dig deeper than we have ever done before, but we must carry on to know we have and still have so much to give and many more successes to experience. Our spirit, the human spirit is strong and extraordinary. Most people will try and go through life by following the path of least resistance, wanting to be protected along the way. without the strength of character which is only gained from the various struggles. You could be tempted to flow through your life with very little purpose or any real plans. Once you understand the broad purpose of life, you can then reconcile with the circumstances that forced you to suffer. We must see ourselves as architects of our own destiny. This is the message to my colleagues and friends who were recently deported from Malta back to their country of origin.”

Bakarat – March 2014

UPDATE: Bakarat has been deported back to his country Рturning his greatest fears into reality. It was a sad scene at the airport, seeing these young, energetic, strong and intelligent people, being shepherded, handcuffed like a bunch of criminals. Dear reader, I urge you to think about these people, about the words Bakarat has sent me (reproduced in this blog), and think about humanity and our role in it Рwhat makes a civilised country really civilised?

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